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1- Proximity Sensors

ASAD provides an extensive range of Carlo Gavazzi proximity sensors

Weather it is inductive, capacitive or magnetic proximity sensors

We offer a comprehensive range used to detect all kind of objects. with cylindrical housings (from 4mm to 30 mm) or different rectangular shapes with both standard, extended, and triple sensing distance and both AC and DC outputs. 

Carlo Gavazzi's sensors are also available with IO-Link communication. This opens up a variety of functions, such as easy communication and customization of advanced parameter settings. The data available via IO-Link is useful for continuous monitoring of sensing conditions allowing for reduced downtime and improved product quality.

Typically, proximity sensors are used in Plastics, Agriculture, Food and Beverage, machines, assembly lines and conveyor systems and the pharmaceutical Industry

Our local warehouse includes large stock of the most commonly used and requested items in the market, With the ability to provide any special custom items in very short delivery times.

1- Proximity Sensors

2-Photoelectric Sensors

ASAD offers a large range of CG photoelectric sensors which are used extensively on all types of machinery and factory automation.

These sensors are available in diffuse reflective, background suppression, retro-reflective, polarized retro reflective, through beam and transparent object detection

We also offer a range of fiber-optic type sensors for applications where a conventional sensor cannot be used (space restrictions, temperature, atmosphere). 

Our LD30 Series of Laser sensors feature Time of Flight measurement and provide an analog distance to object value via IO-Link

Also included in our range of photoelectric sensors are our VP series optical types. These are ideal for use in level applications. They are available in various housing materials which allow their use in various industrial cleaning solutions.

Our sensors come in a variety of housing styles and materials from plastic to stainless steel, and with IP-ratings up to IP69K for wash down applications.


3-Industrial Relays

ASAD offers a comprehensive range of Carlo Gavazzi electro-mechanical relays for industrial automation.

We offer relays for switching loads up to 30 Amps with a wide selection of coil voltages. They are available in plug-in and PCB mounting.

Our relays are available in many shapes and designs such as mini 14-pin ,8-pin or circular base with 11-pin and 8-pin or a very Slim size of width 5mm

Most of our relays come standard with a push-to-test button as well as an LED indicator. They are frequently used in control panels, in HVAC control systems, pump and compressor control, and electronic and consumer products. They are typically used to switch loads such as heaters, lights, and motors.