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ASAD Electric Supplies

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About us

Founded in 2013 in 10th of Ramadan- Egypt, ASAD is an electric supplies company specialized in marketing and selling of electrical automation.
and control components, serving customers at both the retail, industrial and contracting markets.
Over the years, the company has earned a reputation for excellence and professionalism for continuously striving to meet standards which set the climate for a sustainable business relationship with its clients.

Our main products:

  • Carlo Gavazzi: European made proximity sensors, photoelectric sensors, industrial relays, solid-state relays, protection relays, Limit switches.

  • Atek: Industrial heavy-duty encoders with multi-options measurement designs and interfaces and multi-ranges output pulses and mechanical options.

  • Multispan: innovation-based Temperature controllers, Process Instruments and with 100+ products.

  • Socomec: High quality solutions to power switching and monitoring processes.


Carlo Gavazzi

was founded in 1931 as an international group active in designing, manufacturing and marketing electronic equipment.  
Automation Components is the core business by Carlo Gavazzi Group.  
Certified factories in Italy, Lithuania, Denmark, Germany Malta and China. C.G products include sensors, monitoring relays, timers, energy management systems, solid state relays, electronic motor controllers, safety devices and fieldbus systems. 

  • Proximity sensors : (Inductive /  Capacitive / Magnetic)

  • Photo-electric sensors : (Diffuse / Reflex / Through-Beam)

  • Electro-mechanical Relays with base : ( 14-pin /11-pin /8-pin...etc)

  • Solid-State Relays : (1PH ,3PH / 25A /40A / 50A / 100A/Analog.....etc)

  • Switching Power Supply : (Din-Rail , Panel mounting / 1.25A  /2A /3A/5A /10A ...etc)

  • Limit Switches

  • Monitoring Protection Relays : (Voltage / Current / Frequency /Pumps ....etc)

  • Digital Panel Meters

  • Electronic Timers : (ON-Delay / OFF-Delay / Multi-Function /Star-Delta)

  • Safety relays

List of our main product categories/Families

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